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Fees & Funded Places


Fees are £100 per week for 15 hours for a 2yr old child
Fees are £75 per week for 15 houses for a 3yr old child

When a child turns 3 years old (subject to eligibility dates) the local authority will fund your child to 5 free sessions or 15 hour per week. This is known as the Nursery Education Fund. Staff will advise parents/carers when their child meets the requirement and relevant paperwork will be filled out.

There is a grant for 2 year olds (Nursery Education Fund 2) where parents/carers will receive 5 free sessions or 15 hours per week. This is a criteria based grant. Please see Perin/Pip for more information.


School Fund

Wapping Playgroup struggles financially to meet its everyday running costs. To counter act this we fundraise and use the Friday Stay and Play sessions to help to try to cover the deficit.

 However due to recent cut backs the Playgroup is under even more strain. Playgroups Grants have been cut and with the added expense of a much needed third worker the Playgroup is under lots of financial pressure. Currently the Playgroup is only just covering staffing costs so there is a real need to find viable ways of sustaining the Playgroup future.

 Because of this we are asking that every funded child’s parent/carer pays £25 per child per term. This money will then go towards snacks and resources for the Playgroup. As I am sure you will agree this is a small sum which will provide much needed help and support.

 All money that is raised for the nursery goes back into it. Contributing to enriching and improving the children’s experiences and time with us.